Surgical Table Hydraulic, ENDO 550S

Surgical Table Hydraulic, ENDO 550S
Surgical Table Hydraulic, ENDO 550S

ENDO Surgical Table Hydraulic ENDO 550S are designed to accommodate various type of patient positioning required for demanding surgical procedures with ultimate care to the patient's and user's safety. Surgical Tables are constructed with stainless steel and high quality materials to provide durability and long operating life. The tabletop consists of four HPL-Compact Laminant sections: head, backrest, seat and leg; each with removable, easy to clean, antibacterial, and waterproof polyurethane pads for patient comfort. The radiographic tabletop* made of HPL - Compact Laminant can be easily installed and removed for X-ray procedures. The durable cast iron table base is covered with a stainless steel. The “T” shape design of the ENDO 550S allows easy access to the tabletop in any position. Special brakes and antistatic casters allow ease of mobility. Stainless steel side rails accept a variety of available accessories. ENDO 550S Surgical Tables are reliable products having both quality and competitive pricing it is an excellent choice. ENDO 550S Surgical Table, Hydraulic The tabletop can be raised and lowered to the desired height with a hydraulic lift in a quiet and nonvibrating manner by using a foot pedal. Downward speed is adjustable. Other specific table settings are performed manually. The tabletop can be rotated for 355°. (*) Optional

Technical Details

Height Adjustment

770 - 1000 mm

Height adjustment (w/mattress)

800 - 1030 mm


450 x 2020 mm

Table base

550 x 800 mm

Head section

450 x 310 mm

Backrest section

450 x 550 mm

Seat section

450 x 445 mm

Right leg section

215 x 680 mm

Left leg section

215 x 680 mm

Packing Details

Net weight

220 kg

Gross weight

265 kg

Packing dimensions

1000 x 1680 x 1100 mm

Surgical Table Hydraulic, ENDO 550S


Head section

Upward 15°, Downward 90°, Extendable 5 cm, Removable

Backrest section

Downward 15°, Upward 75° (w/mattress), Upward 90° (w/o mattress), Upward 20° (w/radiographic tabletop and mattress)

Leg section

Upward 15°, Downward 90°, Spreading 90°, Removable , Independent movement


Right 20°, Left 20°



Reverse Trendelendurg







Rotates 355° (550S)

Renal surgery


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