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Kualifikasi umum:

  1. Minimal pendidikan D3.
  2. Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi dan negosiasi yang baik.
  3. Berpenampilan menarik dan percaya diri.
  4. Jujur, tanggung jawab, dan disiplin.
  5. Motivasi tinggi untuk belajar dan pencapaian target.


About ENDO

ENDO INDONESIA was founded in 2006 as a company engaged in importation and distribution of Medical Equipment. Today our products include Electromedical Equipment, Reagents, Reusable and Disposable Medical Devices, among many others and accessories. And now we had grown into the manufacturing field of Medical Recording Chart Paper.

ENDO is a company that fulfills legal requirements and receives approval from company's legal entity of Indonesia, with number C-05336 HT.01.01.TH.2006. Supported by experienced technicians and proper equipments, we also provide repairs and calibration for electromedical equipment. ENDO exist to serve your various needs of Medical Equipments and highly concerned about customer satisfaction to promote long term working relationship.

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