Pneumatic Lithotripsy

Lithosplit 4.1 Digital

Apex Meditech Lithotriptor

Intra Corporeal Pneumatic Lithotripsy

Pneumatic Lithotripsy
Pneumatic Lithotripsy
Unique Proportional Frequency Controller
A state-of-the-art unique Proportional Frequency Controller is provided only on LITHOSPLIT 4.1 to control the device easily whilst operating. The operating frequency is increased proportionate to the pressing of a foot switch. A surgeon does not need to change the frequency by pressing keys during the procedure. When selected initially the system starts at a frequency of 1Hz when a foot switch is pressed as usual. Press a foot switch further to increase frequency. The selected frequency is shown as usual on the display. Frequency can be varied in between full available range by pressing foot switch. Release a foot switch as usual to stop machine triggering.

Frequencies of impacts
There are total thirteen choices. Twelve repeat frequency starting 1 per second up to 12 per second. In addition Mono mode is provided to control the trigger precisely.

Energy control
Easy to use Electronic control is provided to set a desired energy level from 1 to 10. This wide range of control allows a Surgeon to disintegrate stone of any hardness and size easily.

Universal operating voltage range
The system operates on any voltage in between 90 and 265V AC, 50/60Hz.
Pneumatic Lithotripsy

LITHOSPLIT Super Hand Piece
High precision LITHOSPLIT Hand Pieces use matched piston and cylinder to give a long and reliable service life. It is very easy to assemble. There are various choices of sterilisation. Its efficacy is proved for disintegrating hard and large stones

Pneumatic Lithotripsy

Probes are available in various sizes to treat stones in bladder, urethra or kidney. 0.8mm and 1.0mm probes are used for URS. 1.5mm is designed for locations in bladder and kidney. A strong 2.0mm probe works very well on large and hard stones in kidney.

Salient features

  • No thermal injury to tissue
  • Runs on any of the sources, Oxygen Cylinder, Central Ox. Supply or Compressed Air
  • Unique Proportional Frequency Controller
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • 13 Frequencies of Impacts, One MONO and twelve Multiple Digital Energy Level Adjustment
  • Light-weight LITHOSPLIT Super Hand Piece High precision engineered Hand Piece
  • Long Lasting Probes
  • Demonstration Video CD includes, Live URS, PCNL and Bladder Stone Procedures
  • Ultra High Speed Microprocessor
  • Unique Foot Switch Fault Detection system Pneumatic Foot Switch
  • Full Digital System
  • Extra Power for super-fast disintegration of even hard stones Simple Feather Touch Keys
  • Advanced logic for Improved Energy Control Portable, Light Weight system
  • Free Carrying Case
Pneumatic Lithotripsy

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