USG Paper, Durico

Thermal Paper
Video Printer Paper

USG Paper, Durico
USG Paper, Durico

Durico manufactures Synthetic Thermal Papers for printing Ultrasonic Video Images. Durico’s Video Papers have become very popular worldwide, replacing Sony and Mitsubishi papers with Lower Cost and Consistent Quality. Durico is successfully exporting high image contrast thermal papers to world markets for medical recording and industrial applications. Superior Quality Medical Image Printing Paper

USG Paper, Durico


  • High Glossy Grade – ULSTAR-1100HG
  • High Density Grade – ULSTAR-1100HD
  • Standard Grade – ULSTAR-1100S


  • Printing Black & White Video Images on Medical Diagnostic Equipment, such as Ultrasound Systems
  • Precision Printing Suitable for Thermal Sensitive Printing Methods


  • Fitting perfectly to most Sony and Mitsubishi Printers
  • Compatible Sony Printers: UP-850, UP-880, UP-870MD, UP-890MD, UP-895MD
  • Compatible Mitsubishi Printers: P-70, P-90, P-91
  • Paper Equivalents: DURICO ULSTAR-1100HG = Sony UPP-110HG = Mitsubishi K91HG
  • Paper Equivalents: DURICO ULSTAR-1100HD = Sony UPP-110HD = Mitsubishi K65HM
  • Paper Equivalents: DURICO ULSTAR-1100S = Sony UPP-110S = Mitsubishi K61S


USG Paper, Durico
  • High Glossy – ULSTAR-1100HG : 110mm x 18m
  • High Density – ULSTAR-1100HD : 110mm x 20m
  • Standard – ULSTAR-1100S : 110mm x 20m


  • Each roll packaged in a pouch
  • 5 rolls in an inner box
  • 10 inner boxes in a master carton

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