Epidural Kit

Romsons GS-2026, GS-2018

Epidural Kit
Epidural Kit

Kit consist of :

Epi Kit (GS-2026)

  • EPIDURAL/TUOHY NEEDLE : Tuohy type needle is provided with clear depth marking for accurate insertion depth reading, polished inner bevel edge minimize the risk of catheter shearing.
  • EPIDURAL CATHETER : Closed round soft tip with three lateral eyes.
  • LOR SYRINGE : Specially designed syringe suitable for air & saline technique, provides clear identifi cation of epidural space.
  • THREADING ASSIST GUIDE : Fits securely into the needle & assists in easy advancement of catheter.
  • DETACHABLE CONNECTOR : Separate twist lock connector.
  • HYDROPHOBIC FILTER : Hydrophobic 0.2 micron fi lter provides additional safety & control against microbial infections.
  • Box of 1/Master Box of 50.

Epi Cath (GS-2018)

  • Epidural catheter is specially designed for continuous anaesthesia and pain relief therapy.
  • Catheter is made from unique plasticizer free formulation of polymer with excellent bio-compatibility.
  • Flexible & atraumatic soft tip with three lateral eyes.
  • Catheter is printed to determine the depth of insertion and accurate placement of catheter in the epidural space.
  • Luer lock twist connector.
  • Crystal clear catheter with radio opaque line.
  • Sterile, individually packed in peelable pack.
  • Box of 10/Master box of 400.

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