ENDO Blood Pressure Monitor EI.BPM

ENDO Blood Pressure Monitor EI.BPM

The AMPall intelligent pressure measuring system is an one-touch full• automatic blood pressure manometer which offers accurate and precise results using the oscillometric method. Applying the fuzzy theory, the microcomputer embedded in BP868F monitors the external condition and automatically determines the pressure to apply to the cuff, creating the optimum measuring conditions to provide accurate measurement results. Blood pressure measurement is the most basic examination for health check, and you can now conveniently measure your blood pressure with BP868F. It is possible for checking heart rate.


  • Insert your arm into the cuff and press the Start button. All the measurements are automatically carried out and the measurement data is printed out at once.
  • The oscillometric method is used along with a micro controller and the stable tightening of the automatic cuff to provide precise pressure detection and reliable blood pressure values.
  • The cuff angle is designed to allow users to maintain comfortable posture when they insert an arm into the cuff.
  • The instructions for use, cautions, the condition of the blood pressure monitor, and the blood pressure value are given by voice.
  • There are handles on both sides which are convenient for moving the blood pressure monitor.
  • The display lamps at top of the blood pressure monitor can be seen from the back and from a distance.
  • The blood pressure value is displayed at the back as well so that both user and manager can see it. (Option)
  • It has an external communication port for interfacing with a computer to manage customers, analyze blood pressure types, and check graphical view of blood pressure changes during a period. (Option)
  • The blood pressure monitor table is manufactured at a comfortable height. (Option)
  • The blood dynamics can be printed for easy analysis of blood types. (Option)


Product name


Measuring method

Oscillometric method

Ventilation method

Automatic ventilation by a micro controller

Pressure detection

Semiconductor strain gauge



Measurement Range

Input: 30 to 300 mmHg

Minimum Measurement Unit

Pressure : 1 mmHg Pulse : 30 to 200 / min


Pressure: ±2 mmHg Pulse : ±3%

Cuff driving method

Belt driving by a micro controller

Pressurizing time

Approx. 10 sec.

Measuring time

Approx. 30 sec


High-speed thermal printer (Auto Cut - option)

Power supply

AC 110/220V to 230V


50/60 Hz


Computer, RS232C (option)

Emergency stop

Stop by microprocessor

Voice support

Guiding voice messages are given when measuring blood pressure. Blood pressure value after measuring blood pressure and error messages are given by voice.

Power consumption


Operation range

Temperature: +10 to +40, Humidity: 95% or lower

Storage range

Temperature: +5 to +50, Humidity: 95% or lower


460 (W) x 310 (D) 296 (H)


Approx. 9 kg


1 power cable, recording sheets, arm rest, user manual, information board (option)


Blood dynamics print, auto cutting, thermal printer, back display, communication cable, blood management program

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