Tecres Bone Substitute


Cal-CEMEX is the innovative reinforced bone substitute with an hybrid formulation b-TCP + PMMA that facilitate bone growth and assure immediately a very high mechanical resistance.

Osteoconductivity, favoured by the ß-TCP component, is due to the material special porosity :
  • Open porosity: allows fluids to penetrate inside the material, to favour bone ingrowth
  • Microporosity: the bone is able to reconstitute in a more diffuse manner
  • Macroporosity: macropores accomodate the new bone tissue, allowing differentiation into lamellae

The ß-TCP portion is gradually reabsorbed, leaving space for bone ingrowth.

Thanks to the PMMA component, Cal-CEMEX :
  • Achieves maximum mechanical resistance immediately
  • Maintains an unaltered volume over time
  • Is a long-lasting support for bone tissue

Easy to use

Calcemex can either be applied manually or injected into deeper structures.
Working time up to 5min. and 45 sec. **
It is radiopaque and therefore visible on X-rays.


Calcemex is a bone void filler intended for bony voids or defects that are not intrinsic to the
stability of the bony structure.

Possible uses

  • Fractures of the distal radius
  • Fractures of the proximal/distal tibia
  • Calcaneal fractures
  • Filling of cavities left by revision procedures
  • Fractures of the femoral or distal femur
  • Fractures of the proximal humerus
  • Acetabular fractures
  • Filling of cystic lesions

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