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Corentec Bencox Bipolar Cup

Arthroplasty Implants
Hip Replacement System
Bencox Bipolar Cup

Optimal Fit

  • A large array of component allows precise patient matching for optimal patient fit.
  • Outer diameters from 38 to 60mm allow the surgeon to meet the unique challenges posed in a revision and extended situations.
  • The bipolar cup offers use with 22, 28mm femoral heads.

Wide Range of Motion

Enchanced 68° ROM resists the impingement to the UHMWPE locking ring.

Proportional Eccentricity

  • Multipolarity is achieved via multiple offsets within the system as cup sizes increase, the amount of eccentricity increases.
  • Provides eccentricity that is proportional to the patient's anatomy.

Simple Locking Mechanism

Ring mechanism allows for easy assembly of the femoral head.

Enhanced Stability

Superior pull-out strength resists the dislocation of the femoral head. Testing Laboratory : ENDOLAB (No. 265.100430.10.1482)
Date : 26 May 2010

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