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Corentec Bencox Cup System

Arthroplasty Implants
Total Hip Replacement System
Bencox Cup System

Acetabular Component

Acetabular Component is hemisphere-shaped, maximizing the peripheral and polar contact at once. Three screw holes are anatomically designed and located for more effective fixation; and enough insertion angles are allowed to simplify the surgery.

Surface Treatment
Plasma Sprayed Ti Coating

  • The surface treatment on an artificial join is an essential factor for success ; at the same time, it's the precise indication of a manufacturer's technique.
  • Acetabular Component of Bencox Hip System is coated using plasma spray method.
  • The microporous pure titanium coating with more than 30% porosity leads to direct bone apposition for secondary stability. Rough surface supports a more stable primary fixation.

Two-in one Bearing Cup System

Unique locking design allows for ceramic and PE liner in one cup.

Secure Locking Mechanism

  • Cup and ceramic insert provides a secure locking mechanism while providing a self-locating feature to ease insert placement.
  • The locking mechanism between cup and PE liner allows for secure fixation with superior congruency for the push-out, rotation and tilting.

Improved Range of Motion

  • Optimal range of motion with the innovative stem neck design reduces the potential for impingement and dislocation.
  • P-ROM following to the different head diameter and offset.

Various Choice of PE Liners

  • Standard, extended, and elevated type allows for the use in extended indication situations.
  • PE liner offers use with 28, 32, 36, 40mm CoCr Mo femoral heads.
  • The wear resistance.

Cross-Linked UHMWPE for PE Liner

Compression molded GUR1020 rods are used - initial toughness and strength is higher than 1050 Gamma irradiated at room temperature to a 75kGy to facilitate cross-linking After irradiation, the rods are heated above the melting point to eliminate residual free radicals and form additional cross-links PE liners are machined and cleaned, packaged, and EtO sterilized Residual free radicals and form additional cross-links.

Enhanced Wear Characteristics

Cross-linked PE liners exhibiti 94% less wear in vitro tests than conventional PE liners.

Bencox Delta

Bencox Delta is a high performance ceramic biocomposite material with the potential to be used in applications which were not previously possible using ceramics. It combines the excellent material proeperties of alumina ceramics in terms of chemical and hydrothermal stability with extremely low wear, superior mechanical strength and improved fracture toughness. Bencox Delta is composed of approximately 75% aluminium oxide, which provides the basic hardness and wear resistance and approximately 25% zirconia, which together with other additives provides the improved mechanical properties compared with pure aluminium oxide ceramic Bencox Delta offers higher mechanical properties including higher fracture toughness.

Bencox Forte

Bencox Forte is composed of High purity aluminium oxide ceramic (Al2O3), was first used in artificial hip joints at the start of the 1970s, full resistance to attack within the body, very good biocompatibility, excellent surface finish and dimensional stability, extreme resistance to wear, and minimal friction. The dimater sizes are available in Ø 28mm, 32mm, and 36mm.

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