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Corentec Bencox ID Cemented Stem

Arthroplasty Implants
Total Hip Replacement System
Bencox ID Cemented Stem

Bencox ID Cemented Stem Specification


Bone Plug

Unified Instrumentation

  • Cementless and cemented stem of ID system use same instrumentation.
  • This instrumentation maximizes efficiency in the operating room, while still providing intraoperative flexibility.

Polished Double Tapered distal geometry-Collarless type 

  • Generates the radial compressive load in distal body
  • "Taper slip principle" allows the subsidence of the stem.
  • Cement mantle longevity is related to the ability to convert the shear and tension to the compression.
  • Cement is 3 times stronger in compression than in shear or tension.

Normalized Proximal Stress

Proximally tapered & grooved stem geometry converts the shear forces to the compressive load.

Self-Centering Distal Centralizer 

  • Patented trapezoidal neck design allows wide angulation and protects impingement and dislocation.
  • Same neck design with Bencox stem is applied.

Compatible Tapered 12/14 Trunnion

  • Adoptation of Bencox forte & delta, and Metal heads
  • Provides 3 optional offset (Short, Medium, Long)
  • Extra long offset provided for Metal heads

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