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Corentec Bencox ID Stem

Arthroplasty Implants
Total Hip Replacement System
Bencox ID Stem
Total Hip Replacement System, Bencox ID Stem

Bencox ID Stem Specification

Unified Instrumentation

  • Cementless and cemented stem of ID system use same instrumentation.
  • This instrumentation maximizes efficiency in the operating room, while still providing intraoperative flexibility.

Proven Ti-Plasma Spray Porous Coating

Clinically proven

  • Provides the primary and secondary stability
  • Protects osteolysis from the wear debris.

Wide Range of Prosthetic ROM (P-ROM)
Enhanced neck shape

  • Patented trapezoidal neck design allows wide angulation and protects impingement and dislocation.
  • Same neck design with Bencox stem is applied.

Compatible Tapered 12/14 Trunnion

  • Adoptation of Bencox forte & delta, and Metal heads
  • Provides 3 optional offset (Short, Medium, Long)
  • Extra long offset provided for Metal heads

 Normalized Proximal Stress

  • Proximally tapered stem geometry converts the shear forces to compressive load.
  • This helps the stem to resist subsidence and medial migration.

Extensive Stress Distribution

Low elastic modulus of Ti alloy and the double tapered stem reduce stiffness which avoids distal load transfer and prevents proximal stress shielding.

Enhanced Rotational Stability

  • Rectangular cross-section.
  • Longitudinal grooves - are designed to resist rotational motion.

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