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Corentec Bencox Stem

Arthroplasty Implants
Total Hip Replacement System
Bencox Stem

Bencox Stem Specification

Femoral Component

Femoral component is a typical double-tapered wedge stem, designed to suit the anatomical structure in the marrow cavity. The section is rectangular-shaped, allowing a strong initial press-fit fixation in the femoral marrow cavity. There are 15 sizes covering a developmental dislocation of a hip joint to a large marrow cavity.

MAO (Micro Arc Oxidation)

To maximize bone ongrowth, the surface of the Femoral Stem is treated with micro arc oxidation, maintaining average 5.5µm of surface roughness. Micro arc oxidation has 1-5µm diameter of numerous porosity structure, maximizing the contacting area with the surrounding bone and assisting in adhering the osteoblast. Also, MAO contains calcium and phosphate, the principal components of bones, on its surface which provides an excellent environment for bone ongrowth.

Grit-Blasting Surface

The Bencox Stem is manufactured from a titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V ELI), according to ASTM F136 / ISO 5832-3 and has a proven grit blasted surface finish (4-6µm) with about two decades of clinical experience.

Wide Range of Motion

The innovative design on the 'Neck' of the Femoral Component (Patent # 7311735, USA / ZL 2005 1 0081090.4, China / 10-0566584, Korea) minimizes possible impingement when flexing and extending a join; using a 32 mm or 36 mm head maximizes the range of motion.

Range of Motion Comparison

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