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Corentec Benfix Long Stem

Arthroplasty Implants
Total Hip Replacement System
Benfix Long Stem

Solutions for the Osteoporotic and Comminuted Fracture

  • Extended distal body enhances additional stability in the diaphysis
  • Wiring holes enable the reduction of the comminuted lesser and greater trochanter.

Compatible Tapered 12/14 Trunnion

  • Adoptation of Bencox forte & delta, and Metal heads
  • Provides 3 optional offset (Short, Medium, Long)
  • Extra long offset provided for Metal heads

Wide Range of Prosthetic ROM (P-ROM)

  • Enhances neck shape.
  • Improved trapezoidal neck design allows wide angulation and protects impingement & dislocation.
  • P-ROM of Benfix Long Stem.

Prevented Axial Displacement and Stress Shielding

  • Proximal taper resists the axial displacement and avoids stress shielding.
  • Stem locks against the dense bone of the calcar and greater trochanter and transferring load to the proximal femur.

Reduced Thigh Pain

  • Low elastic modulus of Ti alloy and the tapered stem reduce stiffness which avoids distal load transfer and prevents proximal stress shielding.
  • Distal slot provides stress distribution and reduces thigh pain.

Enhanced Rotational Stabilit

  • Rectangular cross-section
  • Longitudinal grooves - are designed to resist rotational motion.

Enhanced Axial Stability

Transverse grooves - provides axial stability and converts hoop stresses to compressive loads.

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