Endoscope Washer, Detrox Detro Wash

Detrox Detro® Wash


Endoscope Washer, Detrox Detro Wash

Detrox; aims to serve with integrated solutions in hygiene and disinfection towards the analysis of demands and expectations of Health Sector and all other sectors which hygiene and disinfection are important in the knowledge of social responsibility. Recently our company serves in production of "hygiene and disinfection chemicals and machines"and in the field of sales & marketing of these products by focussing on customer demands. We are carrying out our studies according to the requirements of sector, developments in the world and environmental sensitivity.

The products are certified by international tests and calibration methods from the development processes to the production. Production is carried out in accordance with ISO 13485 and CE standards in the scope of our quality policy. Effective Solutions In Infection Control Microorganisms are essential to life - a natural part of our environment. They exist naturally in our environment without being visible. Human beings have used them for their benefit. 

Microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and virus cause infection and contamination.The major areas where this infection and contamination are seen are hospitals and health institutions. hospital infections are controlled by; Locating the bacterias in the hospital environment, choosing the bacteria which can resist in this environment, and killing bacteria that is resistant to hospital environment. The rise of new infections can be prevented by cleansing the hospital environment from the microorganisms by disinfectants. What is important to prevent the new infections is, disinfection of the environment and materials by the right disinfectant and right application.

Endoscope Washer, Detrox Detro Wash

FULLY AUTOMATED ENDOSCOPY WASHER AND DISINFECTOR MACHINE DetroWash series include Fully Automated Endoscopy Washer and Disinfector Machines. They are developed as a result of high technology and long term R & D Research. DetroWash serves an economic usage to its users with reasonable prices as well as its superior features.

  • Double Tank System: DetroWash makes the contamination risk lower and the usage of the disinfectants longer
  • Double Scope Property: DetroWash saves up the time and solution by disinfecting two endoscope at the same time
  • MultiTypescope Property: DetroWash carries out the disinfection and washing of every type and model of endoscopes
  • Self Disinfection Programme
  • Double Filter Property
  • LCD Screen,Touch keypad.
  • 3 Different Dosage Pumps: Different dosage pumps for disinfectant, enzymatic and alcohol makes the easier adjustment of intended ratios for the program of the machine
  • Double Leakage Control System: DetroWash has double control system by manometer and in solution.
  • Bacteriostatic Protection by U.V. Lamp (Optional)
  • Electronic Counter: This makes you to control the Washing Number of the Machine.
  • Encryption System: It prevents the changes in program settings by other people but authorized users
  • Waste Filtration System: The used disinfectant is transferred to the waste tank and can be sent to the waste by neutralizing with the addition of necessary chemicals.
  • Heating System (Optional)
  • Printer (Optional)

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