Enzymatic, Detrox Detro Enzym

Detrox Detro® Enzym


Enzymatic, Detrox Detro Enzym

Detro ® Enzym is used for enzymatic cleaning of micro surgical, flexible and rigid instruments, endoscopies and anesthesia equipments, dental instruments, drills. It is compatible with instruments that made from metal, glass, porcelain, rubber etc.

Product Properties

  • Concentrated product
  • Effective in 15 minutes at manual usage
  • Effective cleaning property
  • Decrease microbic agents by decontaminating organic contaminations
  • Decrease corrosion risk by decontaminating inorganic contaminations
  • Effective in 5 minutes at ultrasonic cleaner
Enzymatic, Detrox Detro Enzym
Enzymatic, Detrox Detro Enzym

Range of Application

  • Endoscopic instruments
  • Surgery instruments
  • Glass, plastic, microsurgery instruments
  • Aspiration hoses, etc.


5% enzymes (amylase, protease, lipase), 30% glycol, 8% nonionic surfactant, 1% quaternary ammonium compounds, anticorrosive agents


  • Product needs to be diluted before using since it is concentrated. It can be diluted at 0,5% concentration (Add 5 ml product into 1 lt water)
  • Immerse the instruments into diluted solution
  • Manual usage: effects in 15 mins.
  • Ultrasonic usage: effects in 5 mins.
  • Product shows maximum activity at 35 - 45 °C
  • Rinse instruments thoroughly and make ready to next process
  • Solution life is max. 24 hours. It can be changed earlier according to contamination level



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