Disinfectant, Detrox Detro OPA

Detrox Detro® OPA


Disinfectant, Detrox Detro OPA
  • Ready-to-use
  • Based on Orthophytalaldehyde (0,55%)
  • Odorless and do not forms harmful gases
  • Thanks to low toxicity it makes a safe usage on staff
  • Can be used up to 14 days
  • Can be controlled by test strips
  • Be used manually
  • Thanks to not foaming Formula. Detro OPA is suitable for use in Fully Automated Endoscopy Washer and Disinfector Machine
  • 5 mins and Cold Sterilization in 5 mins
  • Do not cause corrosion
Disinfectant, Detrox Detro OPA
Disinfectant, Detrox Detro OPA

Range of Application

  • Endoscopic instruments
  • Surgery instruments
  • Glass, plastic, microsurgery instruments
  • Aspirator hoses, etc.


  • I. Precleaned instruments are fully immerged into Detro OPA solution.
  • II. Wait 5 mins forthecontact time.
  • III. After the process, the instruments are removed from the solution and rinsed by distilled water.
  • IV. The instruments are dried by a sterile compress or towel.
  • V. In Automated Washer and Disinfector Machines, please follow the manufacturers' user instructions

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