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Disposable Linear Cutter

Waston, QHD Series, Linear Cutter

The disposable linear cutter is applied to the transection, resection, and anastomosis of the digestive system.

Cartridge :

Advantages :

  • The cutter can be replaced to ensure the sharp cutting. Meanwhile, it can reduce the possibility of implantation metastasis in the tumor resection.
  • The tissue space controlling mechanism is in favor of parallel closing and smoother firing.
  • The staple line is longer than the cutting line for effectively avoiding errhysis.
  • It can prevent the medical care personnel from being hurt by the cutter. Also, it prevents a used reloading unit from being refired.
  • Both sides of the cutter can fire, which makes the operation more flexible.
  • With the quick release button, you can easily start the instrument.

Precautions :

  • You should strictly follow the related general principles when using this product.
  • Prior to use, you must ensure that the blister package has no damage. The damaged one is forbidden.
  • Only during the validity period of sterilization that this product can be used. Generally, the period is two years. The secondary sterilization is prohibited.
  • In the same surgery, you must replace the cutting unit if you need to reuse the stapler. The stapler can be reused for no more than 8 times.
  • Before using the cutting unit, you must make sure that the protective cover is well encapsulated. Otherwise, you need to check up whether the amount of the staples is enough or not.

Contraindications :

  • The person whose liner, spleen, and other tissue are thicker, or the one who can’t tolerate surgery.
  • The uneven thickness of tissue caused by the radiotherapy.
  • Central nervous system and central circulatory system.

Cautions :

  • This disposable liner cutter is sealed with the aseptic package. The package box has the notation of Aseptic on its surface. Under the condition that the small package remains unopened or the package is free from any damage, the sterilization validity will be two years.
  • Check the package and validity period prior to use. Do not use the product, if the package is damaged or it is beyond the validity period.
  • The product should be stored in the ventilated, dry, cool environment, where the there are no corrosive gas and the relative humidity is no more than 80%.
  • After using, the product should be disposed in accordance with the rules.

Package :

After packed with the blister box and dialyzing paper, each liner cutter will be then put into the carbon box. The product should be supplied with one or two components as well as the Operation Instructions and Inspection Certificate. It can be directly used after you open the package. In addition, the cutting unit should be individually packed with the blister box and dialyzing paper. And its outer package is carton box.

Storage :

The instrument should be protected from squeezing, abrading, striking, and the like. It needs to be placed in the ventilated, dry indoor environment where no corrosive gas exits.

Source : Waston Medical

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