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Disposable PPH Stapler III

Waston, III Rows Series, PPH Stapler

The disposable three-row PPH stapler is dedicated to the anal hemorrhoidectomy and excision of rectal prolapse.

Features :

  • This type of three-row PPH stapler comes with exceptional hemostatic effect. Anastomotic wound is dry and has no bleeding after firing. No longer need to manually suture absence of special circumstances.
  • The PPH stapler cartridge arrangement is more compact and its outermost surface has a special design.
  • With 48 three-row titanium screws, the tissue can be closed with effect.
  • A greater lumen of the staple cartridge can hold more diseased tissue.
  • The anvil and guide shaft, both of which are made of stainless steel, make the closing and firing more stable. Under the help of the two symmetrical sutures, the tissue can enter into the equipment.
  • The sharp circular knife is highly effective when used for cutting.
  • The 0.75mm suture clearance compresses the mucosa that has the best hemostatic effect.
  • Fool-firing position is adopted. The stapler can be fired once it has been adjusted to the position shown in the picture.
  • After molding, B-type staple with slightly incurved feet make the anastomotic a higher tensile strength.

Source : Waston Medical

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