ENDO Hemodialysis Machine HD-1

ENDO Hemodialysis Machine HD-1
ENDO Hemodialysis Machine HD-1

ENDO Hemodialysis Machine HD-1 is a machine used for purifying the blood of a person whose kidneys are not working normally.


ENDO Hemodialysis Machine HD-1
  • 12.1 inch large color LCD touch screen, thumb-size silicon gel button, and unique knob to tune blood pump flow rate, very easy for operation.
  • 360 degree rotatable castors, front two castors lockable, convenient to move and lock. Combined with concentrate A.B tray, can realize mobile treatment.
  • 90 degree horizontal and 360 degree vertical rotatable heavy dialyzer holder.


ENDO Hemodialysis Machine HD-1
Venous clamp protect patient safety from machine malfunction and electricity cut

When machine functions abnormally or electricity is cut, venous clamp responses automatically into close condition and stop blood transfusion in order to guard patient from continuously losing blood in extracorporeal circuit.

Blood detection

After blood is driven from patient’s body by blood pump, blood detection components detect and automatically make machine run into treatment mode. While after blood return back into patient’s body, blood detection components check the tubing. If there is without blood in the tubing, then response and stop the blood pump.

Air bubble and blood level detection

Air bubble detector can continuously check and catch single air bubble size bigger than 200μL while blood flow rate is 200ml/min. If there is air bubble bigger than 200μL in blood flow, machine alarms to keep patient from risk of air embolism. If accumulated air is excessive than certain volume in venous drip chamber, then trigger blood level detector, machine alarms, and stops blood pump and UF pump.

Overhead 360 degree visual alarm light

Easy to be found and seen with distance to shorten the time of solving problem.

Technical Information

General Information :


850x470x1400 mm (W x L x H)

Gross Weight

Appro. 85KG

Power Supply

AC220V±10%, AC110V (optional) 50HZ

Output power


Water Supply

Pressure range:0.1-0.5 Mpa, Temperature range: 5-30℃

Back-up power supply

last for at least 30 min after electricity cut


Dialysate flow rate

300~800 mL/min linearity adjustable, Accuracy:-5%~10% mL/min

Dialysate temperature

33-40℃, Accuracy:±0.5℃

Conductivity range

12-15.5 ms/cm, Accuracy: ±0.2 ms/cm

UF rate

0~2000 mL/h, Accuracy:±30 mL/h (±5%)

Blood way

Blood pump flow rate

30~500 mL/min, Accuracy:±10 mL/min

Heparin pump rate

1~10 mL/h, Accuracy:±0.2 mL/h


2.5ml/min (syringe 10ml), 5ml/min (syringe 20ml), 7.5ml/min (syringe 30ml)

Injector size


Arterial pressure Display range

-300~+400 mmhg, Accuracy:±10 mmhg

Venous pressure Display range

-50~+300 mmhg, Accuracy:±10 mmhg

Transmembrane pressure Display range

-100~+600 mmhg, Accuracy:±20 mmhg

Alarm and monitoring

Air bubble detector

Infrared check and response threshold value:

single air bubble of 200μL exists when blood flow rate is 200ml/min

Blood leak detector

Detecting blood leak≤0.35ml/min at 800mL/min blood flow, 2000mL/h Ultrafiltration rate (32% HCT)

Blood level monitor

Ultrasonic sensor

Cleaning and disinfection


Chemical disinfection (citric acid, peracetic acid, sodium hypochlorite)

Hot rinse


Treatment modes

  • Acetate dialysis
  • Bicarbonate dialysis (fluid bicarbonate concentrate)
  • ISO UF (sequential UF)
  • Hemoperfusion (HP)
  • Plasma Exchange (PE)
  • UF and Sodium profiles

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