ENDO Film Island Dressing

ENDO Film Island Dressing
ENDO Film Island Dressing

Intended Use

Fit for low to moderate exuding, superficial and non-infected acute wounds, such as post-operative wounds, bruise, minor cuts, abrasions and lacerations

Product Description

Sterilized self-adhesive island dressing is made of non-woven fabric or highly permeable polyurethane film coated with medical adhesive, and fabric pad. It is absorbent and permeable

Benefits :

  • High MVTR and waterproof PU film/spun lace non-woven fabric allows excess moisture to pass away, reduces the risk of maceration
  • Bacterial barrier protects wounds against external contamination
  • Absorbent pad absorbs exudates and non-adherent to wound sites
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive minimizes the risk of allergic response, provides gentle and secure fixation

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