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Flexible Endoscopy, HD-500


SonoScape is committed to supplying healthcare-providers worldwide with innovative technology, reliable equipment and customer-oriented services. SonoScape products include ultrasound, ECG, endoscope and other essential medical equipment By introduang more advanced imaging techniques, SonoScape's products have improved diagnostic accuracy and therefore enabled better health outcomes. With the world in mind, SonoScape will continue providing more effective and accessible healthcare solutions, through persistent innovation and a passion for life.

Integrated Patient Database Management

High definition image processing technology has been applied with over one megapixel image resolution, higher color sensitivity and better image clarity. Meaning the HD-500 system can provide excellent image quality with high color reproduction.

Multi Spectral Imaging

MSI has significantly improved the endoscopic imaging quality by showing more details of gastric and rectal mucous structure and vascular distribution. It allows the doctor to distinguish the slight color differences of blood vessels and superficial tissue structure which is helpful for physicians and leads to a higher detection rate in early stage cancers. The smart design of fingertip control buttons on the endoscope makes it easy for a doctor to switch between MSI scanning or the normal scanning mode.

Water Jet Function

Strong and efficient water pressure, capable of washing off the chyme and mucus on the surface, offers a clean visualization for both routine and therapeutic examinations.

Built-in Workstation - Smart Work Flow & Easy Operation

HD-500 has a unique new platform with an internal workstation. This user friendly workstation can help doctors easily edit reports, record videos and managing patient files.

Full Function Trolley

Fully height adjustable design to accommodate different clinical settings

24 inch LCD display with articulating arm for viewing from any angle

Main power button for easy activation of the whole system

Transformer guarantees stable power current

HD-500 Image Processor

Equipped with a sophisticated built-in workstation and advanced image processing technology, the new HD-500 image processor provides excellent clarity and high definition imaging for endoscopic examinations. The HD-500 system is ideal for practitioners who require extraordinary performance in their daily endoscopic examinations and clinical research.

(CHb) Concentration Hemoglobin Imaging

By quantitatively measuring the mucosal hemoglobin volume, CHb is useful for endoscopists to differentiate vein patterns and diagnosing the intramucosal digestive carcinoma, diffuse-type carcinoma or the intestinal-type carcinoma.

Structure and Edge Enhancement

Structure enhancement can provide a better image for the doctor during observations by enhancing the outline of large mucosal while the edge enhancement improves the contrast resolution of smaller tissue structures.

Multi-buttons for Remote Control

Four buttons on the control section of the endoscope handle can be customized to preset functions making the operation easier and more convenient for gastroenterologists during a diagnostic exam.

Smart short-cut buttons

Short-cut buttons on the keyboard, control panel and the endoscopes delivers a faster operation and makes the examination more efficient.

Flexible Image and Video Management Solutions

Still image capture, video recording and replay functions endows the HD-500 system with flexible image and video management solutions.

Large Storage Capacity

Installed with a 500GB hard drive, the HD-500 system is convenient for storing patient files and large video files.

Flexible Switching Working Mode

Keyboard operation allows access to the report editing mode or to the patient file management mode facilitating a smooth examination.

Intelligent Built-in Workstations

The intelligent internal workstation can help doctors easily edit reports, record videos and manage patient files.

HDL-500E LED Light Source

By adapting the LED lamp with over 5.000K color temperature, the HDL-500E light source enables excellent illumination. Combined with auto/manual lightness adjustment, HDL-500E is the optimal light source for endoscopic examination and surgery.

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