High Speed Motor Neuro System

Aygun Surgical Instruments

High Speed Motor Neuro System
High Speed Motor Neuro System

Aygün Surgical Instruments is the manufacturer, designer and the patent holder of the many products with its developed research and development basis. Aygün Surgical Instruments carried out the responsibility of Project called Electrical Surgical Motor with Micro controller Inspector number 7100182 which is supported by TÜB?TAK and Project was completed by the end of the March and product of project took place in World Market. Aygün Surgical Instruments Co.,Inc. has a document of quality management system of ISO 9001 and ISO13485. Moreover, it is a company which has class CE documents for 2A (according to medical devices directive) Surgical Motor Systems, EN868-8 document for sterilization container and other necessary quality documents.

Technological Superiorities

  • Adjustable speed range up to 90.000 RPM!
  • Comfortable operation possibility thanks to ergo dynamic positioning of the center of gravity!
  • Under load motor start-up technology preventing the failures related to burr obstruction during craniotomy!
  • Opportunity of pediatric-adult craniotomy and laminectomy with single attachment!
  • The design allowing to minimize the costs of service on Dura protector feet deformations!
  • Color-protecting technology against discoloration of attachments connected to all sterilization techniques such as autoclave, EO, etc... !
  • Burr, attachment, motor change in a few seconds thanks to easy/connect technology for starting-up the system fast and easily.
  • Motor and motor cable wears and socket failures are minimized thanks to special locking system. Low cost of consumable irrigation pump!

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