ENDO Infusion Pump EI-IP

ENDO Infusion Pump EI-IP

Faster, Easier, and Clearer

Numerical keypad

Easy and fast way to setup.

Various displays

FND displays numerical data clearly and Color LCD displays detail information.

User friendly

Simple setup process makes user feels comfortable and variety display gives complete information.

Standard Features

  • Self-testing - Every time the unit is turned on, self testing is executed.
  • K.V.O.(Keep Vein Open) - When the delivery volume has been reached, flow rate turns into K.V.O. rate (adjustable from 1ml/h to 10ml/h) automatically.
  • Keypad lock function - Keypad can be locked with or without password.
  • Infusion setup - Flow rate/ Delivery volume/ Infusing time.
  • Retain memory - Last setting value will be saved.
  • Remaining time display.
  • Alarm repeat function.
  • Open system - Up to 10 IV set brands can be calibrated in single unit.
  • Buzzer level - 3steps.
  • Occlusion level - 9 steps (4.5 ~ 14.5 psi).
  • Purge rate - Adjustable (1 ~ 1000 mL/hr)
  • Bolus rate - ON/OFF, Adjustable (1 ~ 1000 mL/hr, 1 ~ 9999mL)
  • History call back - Call back last 10 infusion data.


Dosage mode (Body weight mode)

Automatically calculate and set the proper flow rate when the dose rate, body weight, drug mass and solution volume are entered.

Drop sensor


Nurse call

Each unit can be connected with nurse call system (DC 24V, 0.5A).

Profile function

Program infusion condition(flow rate, delivery volume, delivery time) differently for each hour, up to 24hours.

Central system

Connect with main PC for monitoring.

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