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Audiometer, Inventis Piano Plus VRA

Piano Plus VRA is a fully featured, two-independent channels clinical audiometer, which can become the heart of a professional VRA system using as reinforces either traditional cabinet toys or videos and images on one or more displays.

The Audiometer

Piano is the top-level audiometer in our portfolio. Besides the pediatric audiometry, Piano Plus VRA features a complete test battery, including the High Frequency audiometry. Big color display with touch screen, internal memory for the speech material, great flexibility, extreme simplicity: all this makes Piano a super high-end audiometer, perfect for the most demanding users.

Traditional VRA

You can turn Piano into a traditional VRA system by addign up to three toy cabinets, connected directly to the audiometer. Toy cabinets are powered and controlled directly from Piano.

Video VRA

Piano Plus VRA lets you build a video-VRA system with unlimited possibilities for customizing the images and videos used as reinforces, and enables you to create an advanced VRA system that can capture a baby's attention for a longer time. All you need to do is connect Piano Plus VRA to a standard computer and install the Daisy VRA module. Up to three displays can be controlled to provide reinforces.

Or Both Together

With Piano Plus VRA you can even combine traditional toy cabinets with video reinforces, deciding which conditioning method to use on a case-by-case basis.

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