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Nelis, Glove Port

Nelis Corporation is a leading manufacturer in Korea, which specializing in medical device. Since Nelis Coportation was founded in 2009, the innovative technology of Nelis has been admitted in both domestic and foreign countries in regards to the quality and technology, so the products are exported into the world.

Glove Port

Glove Port holds back incisions edges to insert operative instruments and endoscope into the body through the cook caps. edges of the incisions to insert the operative instruments and the endoscope into the body through cook caps.


Minimum Incision

Allows minimal scar surgery as well as decreased post-operative pain, fast recovery and return to everyday activity.


Polyurethane is sturdier and more elastic so our Glove Port is very resistant to tears.

Convenient Removal

Thanks to both the removal line and the removal ring Glove Port can easily be removed after the operation.

Separate Inlet & Outlet

CO2 can easily be pumped in to remove smoke during operation.

Port Caps High Elasticity

A variety of instrument sizes can be inserted into the caps (3mm~12mm)

  • Can be opened during operation
  • Can be used in robotic surgery
  • Each port can move independently
  • Rolling the sheet helps to open incision easily
  • Soft movement can make surgery easy
  • Only 2-2.5cm incision makes small scar dependently
  • Polyurethane wound retractor-not torn easily and softer than silicone
  • Separation gas inlet and outlet
  • High-elastic port cap
  • Various size of port 3mm-15mm-reduction of collision between instruments
  • Insertion can be seen through transparent port part

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