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PC Based ECG 12 Channel, PC ECG-1

PC ECG-1 provides you comprehensive ECG solutions, which integrates resting ECG, stress ECG, and data management in one PC-based software. Its user-friendly interfaces and reliable interpretation helps increase patient throughput and improve clinicians' efficiency. With ENDO latest DE15 sampling box, clinicians are able to do standard 12-lead ECG tests, and also easily upgrade the tests into 15/16-lead only by adding 4 separate leads.

Powerful Functionality

Data Management - Resting ECG - Stress ECG

User-friendly Design

PC ECG-1 offers user-friendly design in both the sampling box and the PC software, which aims to improve your work efficiency and increase your productivity.

Separated leadwires

Separated ECG leadwires makes it easy to plug or unplug any single lead without changing them all

Color-coded leads

Color-coded leads condut clinicians to quickly find the right lead wires.

ECG signal quality indicator

Quickly identify the poor or missing ECG signals by visual color-coded indicators.

One-touch button

One-touch button on the sampling box enables to start or stop ECG acquisition without going to PC side

Professional Performances

As a professional ECG solution, PC ECG-1 is always dedicated to bring clinicians accuracy and high efficiency in both ECG sampling and diagnosing.

Accurate Clinical Performances

The sampling rate is as high as 16,000Hz which makes sure the ECG waveforms are more accurate. The high CMRR over 140dB and comprehensive filters ensures clear waveforms for viewing and reporting, The wide bandwidth of 0.01 - 300Hz enables pediatric ECG diagnosis more accurately according to AHA 2007, The advanced 24 bit A/D converter enchances accurate ECG waveforms acquisition.

15/16-lead ECG

The DE15 sampling box offers 4 additional leads which are specialized for the right side chest leads (V3R, V4R, V5R), or posterior leads (V7, V8, V9) to facilitate 15/16-lead ECG acquisition.

Intuitive interfaces

Intuitive interfaces enable you minimal training requireemnd and improve your work efficiency

Long-time ECG sampling

It allows up to 30 minutes ECG sampling, and full disclosure data enables to review every beat and arrhythmia.

Manual diagnosis

Any parts of waveforms allow to be frozen, zoomed in, measured and printed during an ECG examination.

Leads reversal

Clinicians can reverse the leads in wrong placement directly on the software without changing the placements on the patients and performing another ECG acquisition.

ECG reports comparison

Clinicians are allowed to retrieve the historic reports and compare them with the current ones when they are doing analysis.

The editable ECG report

Users can customize the final report besides the existing report templates.

Unlimited protocols for stress test

Standard and unlimited user-defined protocols are offered, facilitating your standard or customized stress tests.

The reliable SEMIP algorithm

The latest SEMIP algorithm with 208 ECG findings to maximize your confidence in making diagnosis.

Proof for diagnosis

Proof for diagnosis is newly included in the diagnosis results, which helps to get more convincing reports and make correct decisions.

Automatic arrhythmia detection

Arrhythmia can be detected, highlighted and saved automatically for the further analysis.

Event mark

Every arrhythmia or remarked waveforms can be saved as events automatically for clinicians' further analysis.

Advanced filter technology

ENDO advanced filter technology stabilizes ECG waveforms and ensures the clear and accurate ST segment assessments during the stress tests.

Complete evaluation methods for stress test

METs, Double Product, Duke Score as well as FAI are evaluated in your stress test, which presents clinicians more complete references to make proper decisions.

Seamless Connectivity

PC ECG-1 enables to archive, review, and edit ECG data from ENDO ECG machines. Several PC ECG-1 software on a LAN are also able to present a paperless networking solution for editing, reviewing, printing and exporting reports via one database. Using the industry-standard communication protocols, PC ECG-1 will easily connect to HIS/EMR/PACs for data management.

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