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Pullup Fixation System

Standard prepared loop: 40 mm

SBM is specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of bone repair systems for use in orthopaedic surgery, traumatology and neurosurgery.

The PULLUP system provides simplicity and reproducibility in ACL reconstruction procedures. PULLUP implants are made of titanium alloy and premounted sutures, available in two designs depending on the tunnel diameter.

  • PULLUP for ø 4.5 mm cortical tunnel - PULLU01201
  • PULLUP XL for ø 5 to 10 mm cortical tunnel - PULXL01202

Key Features


Controlled locking at blind tunnel endstop, conservation of bone stock.


No pre-op planning of tunnel length, perioperative adjustment.


Stable locking system, renowned materials.

PULLUP Instruments

ø 4.5 mm cannulated drill bit

Cutting pilers

GraftTech preparation station

The GraftTech preparation station enables to facilitate soft tissue graft preparation, particularly for PULLUP constructs. It is composed of a regular base and optionnal add-ons depending of the type of graft to be prepared.


GraftTech preparation station base instrumentation set (including stainless steel basket and lid)

Options for GraftTech preparation station

Bulldog pliers

Mounting key - hex size 4 mm

Hook for GraftTech holder

Hook for GraftTech slider

Bracket for GraftTech holder
Bracket for GraftTech slider

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