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Electrosurgical Unit (ESU), Pulsar MB350

Pulsar MB350 provided with all the performance needed for the monopolar or bipolar use in open or laparoscopic surgery

Pulsar MB350 also allows the users to memorize up to 33 programs for all surgical needs and 6 specific programs for the use in saline with mini resectoscopes and bipolar instruments 5 Fr.

Electronic generator:

Complying with IEC 60601-1 and IEC 601-2-2 Standards. (Class I - Type CF).

EC Approval:

CE 0051 - Certifi cate 1665/MDD.

Monopolar and Bipolar working frequency:

440kHz +- 10%.

Output circuit:

“Floating out”, insulated from earth at the high and low frequencies, protected against the use of the defibrillator.


Twin water-proof foot-switch (IPN8).

Monopolar use:

By 1 or 2 pencils / instruments with hand or foot switched activation.

Bipolar use:

By 1 instrument with foot switched activation.

Auto-check system:

By twin microprocessor with auto-check at the switching on, continuous control during the functioning and block of the power delivery with information of users by Error codes in case of problems or faults.

Neutral electrode control:

For the use of “Double section” or “Single section” electrodes with acoustic and visual alarm signal.

Mains and Absorption:

230 V ~ 50 Hz - 828 VA.

Fusibili di rete:

T 2x 5 A.

Dimensions and weight:

38x35x17cm – 15Kg

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