Catheter Mount

T Connector

Romsons GS-2040

Catheter Mount
Catheter Mount

Catheter mounts are of great use to add 'that extra length' to the breathing system when needed. The catheter mount is connected between the patient and the breathing system. With double swivel connector and flexible tubing provides mobility and flexibility to the patient end of the circuit.

  • Double swivel elbow connector with suction port & cap provides better flexibilty, easy accessibility & provide comfort to patient during suction.
  • 15mm I.D./22mm O.D. connector snuggly fits to all tracheal tubes.
  • 22mm standard female connector is compatible with all breathing & ventilator circuits.
  • Specially designed port at the elbow facilitates suction & gas sampling without disconnecting the breathing circuit.
  • Stepless airway pathway for easy cleaning.
  • Collapsible corrugated tubing is inert to all anaesthetic gases & reagents.

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