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Skin Graft Mesher

Aygun Surgical Intruments

Skin Graft Mesher
Skin Graft Mesher

Skin Graft Mesher is a surgical instrument used for skin transplantation.

  • Single cutter cuts skin graft into geometrical shaped mesh & enlarge skin surface.
  • Graft expansion predetermined by graft carrying plates, eliminating need to change cutter during operation.
  • Continuous feed design prevents graft carrying plate from being loaded incorrectly and allow multiple platesto be used without interruption.
  • Graft thickness adjustment feature allow expansion on thin and thick grafts.
  • Easy availability of replacement parts.
Skin Graft Mesher
Guides for Graft Carrier
Skin Graft Mesher
Ratchet Handle for Easy Operation
Skin Graft Mesher
Graft Thickness Adjustment (0-1,5 mm)


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