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Spacer for Knee

Tecres Spacer K

The Tecres spacer for Knee it is made with antibiotic bone cement and It comprises two independent articulating elements. The tibial component has a flat base on which the femoral component articulates.

Advantages for surgeons:

Saving Time:

ready to use, with preformed shapes and different sizes. It makes faster both the surgery first stage and the second one.


the devices have mechanical and pharmacological performances standardized and certified.


known, extended and long release of antibiotic.

Less responsibility:

using of an industrial device, not an hand-made one.

Advantages for patients

Better quality of life:

spacer allows deambulation with partial weight-bearing and permits to make some basic daily activities, this allows the patient to be independent.

Possibility to make physiotherapy.

Reduction of functional recovery time:

faster discharge from hospital.

Product Variants :

  • Spacer-K: preformed spacer for knee loaded with gentamicin;
  • Vancogenx-Space Knee: preformed spacer for knee loaded with vancomycin and gentamicin
This following table contains information about Tibial dimension of spacer with vanco-genta and with genta

Benefits :

  • Ready to use device
  • Maintenance of joint space and mobilisation
  • Effective in situ release of antibiotic
  • Deambulation with partial weight-bearing
  • Facilitation of definitive re-implant surgery
  • Standardized mechanical performance
  • Reduction of functional recovery time after the two stage procedure

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