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Spirometer, Spirobank II

Spirometer, Spirobank II
Spirometer, Spirobank II
  • Accurate, Complete and Easy to use Spirometer with Oximetry option
  • 4 versions available : Smart, Basic, Advanced, and Advanced plus
  • On screen results and curves preview for immediate data assessment
  • Wireless Real Time test on PC via Bluetooth
  • Memory up to 10.000 Spirometry tests or 900 hours of Oximetry recording
  • Long-life Rechargeable Battery
  • Always included : Winspiro PRO PC software with free update
  • Available with both Disposable or Reusable turbine flowmeter
Spirometer, Spirobank II

Spirobank II Smart Edition with embedded Bluetooth Low Energy module now available including new iSpirometry App for iPad

Spirometer, Spirobank II

Basic version available with USB connectivity


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