Suction Catheter

Romsons GS-2006, GS-2022, GS-2023, GS-2030

Suction Catheter
Suction Catheter

Suction Catheter - A suction catheter is a flexible, long tube attached on one end to the breathing tube (endotracheal or tracheostomy tube). The other end of the suction catheter is connected to a collection container (suction canister) and a device that generates suction.

  • Suction catheters are suitable for removal of secretion from mouth, trachea and bronchial tubes.
  • Manufactured from non-toxic non-irritant medical grade PVC.
  • Distal end is open with one lateral eye.
  • Frozen surface tubing for smooth intubation.
  • Colour coded for instant size identification.

Avialble in following models:


Provided with universal funnel shape connector for safe connection to standard suction equipment.

SUCTION CATHETER (Thumb Control)- GS 2030

Provided with "T" type vaccum control valve with thumb control for proper maneuvering.

SUCTION CATHETER (Finger Tip)- GS 2022

Provided with "Y" shape vaccum control valve with finger tip control facility.

SUCKATH (Finger Tip & Graduated Suction Catheter)- GS 2023

Specially designed catheter graduated at every cm, starting at 5cm from distal end, Increased safety for correct introduction & proper positioning due to graduation, "Y" shape vaccum control valve with finger tip control facility provides optimum control of vaccum.

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