Thoracic Trocar Catheter

Intercostal Drainage Catheter with Trocar

Romsons GS-5030

Thoracic Trocar Catheter
Thoracic Trocar Catheter

Thoracic Trocar Catheter - is a medical instrument with a sharply pointed end to remove gas, fluids,and semi-solids from the body cavities and hollow organs.

  • Specially designed for quick non operative pleural and chest drainage for the relief of chest conditions such as tensions pneumothorax.
  • Catheter manufactured from medical grade PVC is snuggly fitted over the trocar.
  • Blunt smooth tip.
  • Flat handle facilitates easy maneuverability.
  • Large smooth drainage eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Markings provided at 5, 10 ,15 & 20 cm from the distal tip help to ascertain depth of penetration.
  • Proximal end is fitted with tapered connector for easy connection to drainage bottle.

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