Venturi Mask

Oxy Lock

Romsons GS-2038

Venturi Mask
Venturi Mask

Oxygen Mask - An oxygen mask provides a method to transfer breathing oxygen gas from a storage tank to the lungs. Oxygen masks may cover the nose and mouth (oral nasal mask) or the entire face (full-face mask). They may be made of plastic, silicone, or rubber.

  • Oxy lock is specially designed for variable venturi system to ensure accurate concentration of oxygen with single unit.
  • Transparent air entrainment mask with soft anatomical form with easily adjustable strap.
  • Wide adjustable strap for proper positioning of mask on the nasal area.
  • Rotating type connector for patient's comfort.
  • Unique spring loaded mechanism locks prescribed concentration in place ensuring safety & correct oxygen concentrations.
  • 210cm (7ft) multichannel tube is provided to ensure continuous flow of oxygen.

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