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ENDO Portable Phlegm Suction Pump 7E-C

ENDO Portable Phlegm suction pump 7E-C is based on similar products at home and abroad is a new generation of oil free lubrication suction device, which is suitable to use by the patient who has difficulty in phlegm removal due to illness, coma and operation, as well as for aspirating such liquid as pus and blood during the clinical practice.

It is the commonly applied medical device in the emergency room, operation room and for nursing in sickroom and homehealth care. ENDO Portable Phlegm suction pump 7E-C is designed withstreamline shape, easy to carry, with heat release system, circularnegativepressure meter, half hidden type liquid storage bottle and adetachable powerline.

Technical Data :

Power Supply :

AC220V ±22V, 50Hz±1Hz

Input Power :


Max negative pressure value :

≥ 0.075MPa

Pumping Rate :

≥ 15L/min

Noise :

≤ 65dB (A)

Creservoir Volume :

1000mL, 1 piece

Working System :

Short Running

Packing Dimension :

37.0 x 18.0 x 28.0 (mm), N.W:4.4 KG

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