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Endoscopy HD-350

HD-350 Image Processor adopts the advanced technology to provide high-quality endoscopic image for diagnosis and treatment. The built-in workstation of the image processor is used to edit, manage and store medical records and print reports. It can communicate well with the network information system of a hospital. The image processor can be maintained and upgraded by updating software to improve product performance. The image processor is designed to comply with applicable international standards and regulations.

Advanced Technologies

  • High-definition video and imaging
  • Image noise reduction and image enhancement
  • CHb enhancement
  • Automatic equalization of brightness
  • Hot plugging of endoscope
  • Capacitor touch control
  • Intelligent medical record management
  • Endoscope identification

HD-350 Video Processor

HD video outputs


Standard video outputs

S-Video, CVBS

HD video recording

Built-in workstation, timely record and review

Zoom / PBP

Yes / Yes

Dimension (L x W x H / weight )

455mm x 370mm x 124mm / 9.5 kg


Main lamp


Transparency function

7 seconds maximum brightness flicker

Lifetime indicator


Hot plugging

Endoscope switch without powering off

Dimension (L x W x H / weight )

460mm x 370mm x 154mm / 15 kg

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