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Screw Removal Set

Screw Removal Set

Clamp for taking out broken screw

Extractor SW2.5 x 1.0

Extractor SW2.5 x 0.5

Extractor SW3.5 x 0.7

Extractor SW4.0 x 1

Drill ø3.5/ø4.5/ø6.0/ø6.5

Hexagonal Screwdriver

Torx Screwdriver

Square Screwdriver

Instrument for taking out broken screw

Flat-head Screwdriver Small/Big

Cross Screwdriver ø2.3

Pointed Cone 165mm

Handle with quick coupler T

Handle with quick coupler Straight

Osteotome 8mm

Instrument for taking out broken screw (universal) ø3.5 / ø4.5
Ceiling Hook ø2.2

Alloy Bit ø4 / ø6 / ø8

Screwdriver for Monoaxial Pedicle Screw

Screwdriver for Polyaxial Pedicle Screw T3.4  SW3.0

Instrument Box

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